Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Anna Hazare, WE and Future

Right now Anna Hazare is everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, News Channel, News Paper almost everywhere. The reason for that is what he is doing today has never been tried by anyone at this level in past couple of decades. When we think about 'Politics' we only think about one word 'Corruption'. Politics means governing the country not corrupting the country. I guess that is what Anna Hazare is trying to change.
Anna Hazare has proposed a system called 'Lokpal Committee', which will have 10 members along with a chairperson. These members will be nothing but prestigious (and clean) names from India such as ex-Judges, Social Workers etc. There are some 'What-If' conditions proposed by him too such as 'What-If' ex-Judge is corrupted, 'What-If' the Social Worker has done some Financial Zol etc. The main power which this Committee will have is to eradicate any Neta if any crime has been done by him (obviously if Janta want then only it can happen). Now if this committee is approved it will be renaissance of the Democracy in India. We say that even if Democracy is there in India we don't have freedom. It will be changed completely. At least for couple of decades we can see a less Corrupted Nation for sure. The people of India who are asleep like a log will start to think about Politics.
But the question is 'Will Lokpal Committee improve the things or will it make it even worse?' It is said that 'With Great Power come Greater Responsibilities' and if anyone fails to understand the responsibility it won't take a month to transform that 'Nobel Prize Social Worker' into 'Slaying Ruler' with such power in hands. Its understandable to call it idiocy but you can't say it won't happen. Let us say this system will work for a decade or 2 but what after that, when this corrupted Netas will come to know about the power which this law provides they will try everything to take that seat. India is a rich country (I'm saying this on the basis of whatever Financial Gamble that took place during IPL4 Auction) who knows that these people will even contaminate the Electing Committee of Lokpal with enormous money. I mean we even don't know from where those businessmen brought thousands of crores in IPL Auction even when Recession was on. We will not even understand when Lokpal Committee turned into a Money Making Machine. It is a benign process but it can happen. Consequence, the situation will be even more worse. Now we have Anna Hazare but what after him? Look at Anna Hazare, he is a 73 years Old Guy and who knows where he will be after 10 years. 
I'm not saying that the Proposed System should not be implemented. But there are some possible cons we should consider before implementation. No system is flawless. The System which Anna Hazare has proposed is surely better than Nothing. But the important point is, Its WE who can stop this Ideology to be transformed into bizarre. The best part of Lokpal Committee I like is that you don't need to be an Activist from a specific party. Or I would like to say 'You don't need to be an Obedient Dog of Party'. Anyone can be the part of the Lokpal Committee or show support to it, all you need to do is stay Socially Aware. There are hundreds of ways to be Socially Aware; Twits, Wall Posts, YouTube, Blogs, mySpace, by Paying Tax, some Social Work. It looks like I've randomly selected words and am talking about revolution. But look at people like Aamir KhanShekhar KapurKiran BediAnupam Kher or Chetan Bhagat they are not doing full time Social work like Anna Hazare or Prakash Amte. They are in their respective occupation but they are aware about Country via Blogs, Twitter etc. Eventually when Lokpal Committee will be formed their opinion will be taken into consideration.
We all say that 'Its better to stay away from Politics' but this is the place where we should look forward.
Its a really good initiative taken by Anna Hazare and it will be real disgrace if we fail to continue his thread. I'm with him!

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